segunda-feira, 22 de agosto de 2011

The Middle East days in England

By Thiago Marcondes 

On the two last weeks England lived bad days in its history. Mark Duggan, a man with 04 children, was killed by the police and until now the society does not know what happened and why.

People, most of the young people, went to the streets and started protests against the government and the police. Many department stores were stole by the manifestants and many public buildings and cars was burnt.

The biggest news paper in Brazil and in other countries said the vandals tried to destroy London, the first city that had protests, doing disorder in the neighborhoods. They did not say that people can do this actions to claim their rights and a precisely society.

The things that happen in London, Liverpool and Manchester it is democracy because the society is going to the streets to have their rights. In all cities and countries exists bad people who just think in theirselves and vandals enjoy the situation to promote jumble.

England is not living well days because in last months a lot of scandals involved politicians and news paper trembled the government. If people did not go to the streets probably they would not solve the problems.

Some specialists believe that English society is sick. Remember that police killed Jean Charles, a Brazilian guy who had work in London, and in the last year the government tried to increase the school fees. People are not crazy. They are trying to make their lives better.

Thiago Marcondes is Journalist

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