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Sao Paulo: a crowded city

The place wich will open de World Cup does not have a good traffic and transport

By Thiago Marcondes

São Paulo is one of the biggest cities around the world and has more than 11 million people living there according to statistics in 2010. The public transportation is not enough to attend the demand and avenues are so crowded with vehicles. 

A lot of people have been used their cars to go to the work and left children on school, but they do not give a ride to order person who work near their jobs. If they used to do this, the buses and subways could be less crowded than now and also would share the gas to economize money. 

Every day the traffic in Sao Paulo is worst and when it rains on the city cars do not move. The government never did something or tried to do works that would upgrade the situation. Television used to show the people’s chaos live in a public transportation or on their automobiles. 

The society was thrown away by the politicians and no one makes a protest or tries to change the situation. Always are the same things: on next elections it will vote in other politician who wants to do better works and progress to the people.

People who need to use bus or subway are smashed because the transportation is totally full. This one that has car expend a lot of time driving or waiting inside the vehicle while traffic is not good. That is enough! Something has to be done and will be done, but do you know why? It because the 2014 World Cup Brazil. 

Much money are been invested in Sao Paulo because this big event and probably the situation about traffic and public transportation will be better on the future. But the society has to understand that this buildings and works are just happening because the World Cup and not therefore politicians want it.

Think about ir: the bus’ tickets are R$ 3,00, subway’s tickets are R$ 2,90, a liter of gas is R$ 2,80 and ethanol is R$ 1,80. Almost them are expensive, but if you want use the public transportation or a car you have to pay it even with this bad situation. Have you ever imagine how much will cost these products in 2014? Neither do I, but one thing is a certainty: many businessman and politicians will be richer with all the profits and society shall be paying the price. 

Thiago Marcondes is Journalist and hates profiteer people

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